5 reasons to socialize your dog

Socialization in dogs is a commonly overlooked aspect of proper dog ownership. Lack of proper socialization in dogs can lead to serious behavioral issues, or worse. When your dog is not exposed to situations which cause the dog to be nervous and anxious, with you by it’s side – things could get worse in the same situation without you near by. Keep reading below for 5 reasons to socialize your dog. It is really important for all dog owners to be proactive about socializing our furry kids – keep reading for details.

Easier Medical Checkups

Similar to children, puppies also get scared when going to the doctor. Medical exams can be stressful if your dog is unsure or overly nervous. When dogs are properly exposed to human touch and new situations, the vet will be less of a burden.

Since dogs cannot tell us when they have an adrenaline rush, during their checkup, the vet will measure your dog’s heart rate, palpitation, and oxygen saturation, which may vary, allowing professionals to determine that they are unwell.

Better Animal Interaction

We teach our children to be kind to one another, and we should teach our dogs this, too. According to natural canine instincts, your dog may chase cats just to scare them away. Socializing your dog from an early age will allow it to be friendlier towards pet cats and other animals. Mingling with other animals will also help your pup in understanding that not everybody is an enemy.

Easier Car Rides

If you have to travel and take your dog along with you, it can be a struggle, since they may associate car trips with trips to the vet. Taking your dog to meet its friends in a car from time to time will help them relax in the car and willingly ride with you, enjoying the ride. If you do not give your dog an incentive to ride with you, you could face many problems for different essential trips with your dog in the car. You can also enjoy taking a vacation with your dog in the car or RV once you have this mastered!

Better Human Interaction

Dogs that lack social skills are usually more aggressive than ones who get proper socialization. Having aggressive dogs as pets can be inconvenient to others, and can also lead to decreased enjyoment of pets and increased abandonment at animal shelters. Your pet may not let anyone come close to you or your children if they will be overprotective. This can be good in a certain sense, but your pup could remain in a defensive mode and will be “on the attack” toward others in your surrounding arae. Bringing your dog around other people and pets on a regular basis will help them learn the difference between safe and dangerous.

Less Stubborn

Some canines are very stubborn and want everything their way. Do you have one of these kind? We know lots of them! Helping your dogs mingle with other pet dogs with their owners will help them understand that not everything has to go their own way all of the time. Encouraging ‘amicable’ behavior from your fur kid with treats and pets is always a good way to help with the stubborness too!

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