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Class is in session: Dog Food Feeding Costs 101

Class is in session: Dog Food Feeding Costs 101

When it comes to feeding your dog food, there are 2 primary items to consider … cost & quality. You can measure the cost at the time of purchase, but it’s hard to measure the long-term “costs” of feeding a specific type of dog food. However, in our professional opinion, quality is #1 important thing to consider!

What is the real dog food cost?

We don’t think $70 for a bag of pet food each month is pricey. You spend more than that on one meal at a nice restaurant! We’d be lying if we said we had never fed Costco food (before Dee-O-Gee), people (including veterinarians) told us it’s the same … now, we know better.

And, what are the long term costs? Will your dog suffer in a “cost” of physical pain due to your dog food purchasing habits? Will you suffer in veterinary “costs” of maintaining your dog’s failing health, secondary to poor diet?

Costco Dog Food vs Dee-O-Gee Dog Food

NATURE’S DOMAIN: made by Diamond Pet Foods in the USA and has had numerous recalls. The ingredients themselves look good, but their sourcing is not 100% from North Amercia and the ingredient panel is very deceptive. Most all of the benefit from the “natural ingredients” included are “cooked out” during the kibble making process and are not added back in afterward.

ACANA: one of our #1 brands at Dee-O-Gee and, arguably, one of the best in the entire industry. Acana in particular is made in Alberta, Canada or Kentucky. Dee-O-Gee staff toured their plant in 2017 and we were VERY impressed. Acana is made in small batches with locally sourced fresh meat, fruits, veggies and NEVER imported ingredients from China. Acana has NEVER had a recall.

The biggest aha moment is the feeding

ANALYSIS: A 50 lb dog would eat 2 cups of Acana ($70 per bag) and 3.5 cups of Nature’s Domain ($40 per bag) per day. The Nature’s Domain bag price is $30 cheaper but your dog is almost eating 2X the amount of kibble. Where does all that extra volume end up? That’s right, in your yard!

So, in the end, is it really cheaper?

If budget is an issue but you still want to feed the best – that’s ok. We encourage you to come see us at any Dee-O-Gee location and we can help you calculate your pet food costs. As always, we highly recommend you do research so that you are comfortable making the best decisions for your pet!

Or, you can buy high quality dog or cat food in our online store -> free shipping over $49 and no sales tax!

Dee-O-Gee's selection

of ACANA natural dog & cat foods.

Biologically Appropriate

* Rich in meat protein

* High amounts of fresh meat inclusions

* Carbohydrate and glycemic limited

* Meat ratios resemble ‘ancestral’ whole prey diets


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