Cat Food Wet

Our kitties love to snuggle up by the window and catch some warm rays, peaceful as can be. But make no mistake, cats are hunters at heart, and require a diet rich in meat protein to keep them going. Cats are picky eaters and texture and taste come first, so top wet food brands from Dee-O-Gee like Fromm, Weruva, KOHA and more are packed with unprocessed, fresh meat that mimics a successful day of hunting for your cat.

Cats don't tend to hydrate as much as they need to, so the high moisture content of wet food helps to supplement their water intake, keeping them healthy and staving off dehydration and urinary infections. Because cats can be so picky, mixing in some wet food to a cat's normally dry diet can shake things up, excite your feline friend's pallet and help hydrate them. With a wide variety of proteins, from salmon to chicken, tuna, beef, trout, duck and more, every cat will be purring for more fresh meat at dinner time! 

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