Mark Your Own Turf

Why YOUR future should include Dee-O-Gee:

• Dee-O-Gee has a fresh and relevant appeal. Sound good to you?
• Do you want to stand out from the standard “pet feed store” or “big box store” crowd?
• Do you appreciate modern, relevant branding that keeps pace with emerging technology?
• How about efficient internal management systems and cohesive marketing?
• Would your dog be excited to go to work with you every day?

At Dee-O-Gee, we understand that pets are more than just pets, they're family. Since we started this venture into holistic pet care back in 2008, our focus has always been on providing high quality products and services which meet not only pets' and their owners' needs, but also reflect the values of the community we serve. From the eco-friendly toys to all-natural food, we stick to a holistic philosophy and strive to offer a deep level of understanding equally about pets' needs and our products and services.

Franchises in the industry must not only compete with each other, but also with a myriad of independent businesses. The pet franchise industry has two segments: products and services. Pet franchise services include training, grooming, boarding and more. There is considerable overlap within the industry and both independent and franchise pet businesses perform services and sell products to maximize revenue streams while safeguarding against fluctuations in the marketplace.

At Dee-O-Gee, we have the “Products + Services” model DIALED IN! Our unique retail products & nutrition options, paired with our top-notch services (professional dog grooming, self-service dog wash and dog daycare) have proven to be a very successful model. One that we are ready to share with you!

If you're someone looking to be your own boss and own your own business, seeking to be a part of a company with a socially-conscious focus, or just want to be part of a burgeoning brand family working hand-in-hand with active, outdoors-loving, pet owners, Dee-O-Gee just might be the bone you have been searching for! We are even interested in strategically "pivoting" existing dog boutiques into the Dee-O-Gee family!


Your OWN locally branded website

Preferred pricing from multiple national suppliers

Work with dogs & cats each day

Site selection, lease assistance and store design

We've designed the process from application to opening day to be helpful. We’ll provide you with support every step of the way to take your franchise store from idea to reality. Some of the things you could expect our help with include site selection, store design, the construction process, employee training, on-site assistance, supplier relationships, localized micro-website and social media, and the list goes on.

While we have a few qualifications you'll need to meet to join the Dee-O-Gee pack, overall what we value most are people with a passion for pets and their people and a commitment to protecting and enhancing Dee-O-Gee's brand integrity.

Check out our FAQ page for some quick answers to commonly asked questions about our franchising opportunities. If you think our focus and philosophy resonates with you, claim your own giant fire hydrant in the Dee-O-Gee family by contacting us!

You owe it to yourself to look into this.