Dee-O-Gee Bozeman Collar (Winter)
Dee-O-Gee Bozeman Collar (Winter)
Bozeman Collar Winter
Bozeman Dog Collar Winter back

Dee-O-Gee Bozeman Collar (Winter)

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Skiers, moose and snow-capped peaks! It's the Bozeman inspired dog collar for your winter outdoor loving dog!


Why we love this: As Bozemanites, we celebrate a good snowpack and as many ski days with our four-legged adventure buddies as possible.  We love this collar’s cool tones and look that remind us of frigid Montana mornings in the middle of ski season.  And, we love that this collar is Montana winter ready as it is made with 100% Nylon, adjustable, machine washable, and has an ultra durable buckle.


Sizes available:

Small: 11" - 15"

Medium: 13" - 21"

Large: 17" - 25"

Sizing is based on neck circumference. To correctly size your dog, place a flexible/soft tape measure around the neck at the place your dog normally wears his/her collar.