HomeoPet Wrm Clear

HomeoPet Wrm Clear

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Homeopet provides a great, natural, homeopathic solution to your pet’s wormy issues!


Why we love this: This product provides nature’s gentle relief from worms. HomeoPet WRM Clear aids in the recovery from worm infestation and provides treatment of worm infestations where a drug-free approach is favored. This product reduces environmental contamination by suppressing worm egg production and thus reducing re-infestation. Ingredients have drug monographs covering: Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms.

HomeoPet WRM Clear does not kill the worms; it gently creates and environment in the body that the worms can no longer live in, thereby flushing them harmlessly from the body.


Ingredients: Arsenicum Alb, Chenopodium Anthelminticu, Cucurbita Pepo, Filix Mas, Kamala, Natrum Phosphoricum, Silica Terra, Sulphur, Thymol, Natrum Muriaticu, Calcarea Carbon, Cina, Ferrum Phosphoricu, Granatum, Naphthaline, Nux Vomica, Spigelia Anthelmintica, Teucrium Marum, Triticum Repe.